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Pilot research of cycle tourism on the Baltic Sea Cycle route


One of the most important tasks in BSB! project is conducting a pilot study of preferences among cyclists who use the EV10 route in Denmark, Germany, and Poland. Project Partner 6 – Centre for Regional and Tourism Research has prepared a survey that will be adopted by selected project partners to conduct pilot studies of cycling tourism. The survey will be conducted in the nearest summer season, when traffic along the Baltic Sea part of the route is heaviest. The survey is designed to answer several questions, such as: who are the users of the route, what are their habits and preferences, what do they require from the route’s operator, and what – from the user point of view – is important when selecting an offer. Results will facilitate creating a coherent marketing communication, and selecting the final target group it is going to be addressed to. The data will also allow for selecting proper tools for promotion that will be utilised by particular project partners.

We encourage cyclists to fill in the online survey available here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SXY38F6

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