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Meeting in Rostock


Between the 23rd and the 25th of October in Rostock subsequent tasks were carried out as part of the implementation of the Biking South Baltic project. A training was conducted for representatives of 4 cycle tourism contact points, which were set up by the project partners to better inform about the tourist offer related to the Eurovelo10 route. The contact points will be managed by project partners, one each in Denmark, Germany, the West Pomeranian and Pomeranian regions in Poland. During the training, the tourism potential of different sections of the Eurovelo10 route as well as the technical condition and road infrastructure were discussed in detail. As part of the project, local meetings in Denmark and Poland are planned, during which information about the course and potential of this route will be shared with local entities directly involved in the service of cyclists on this route, e.g. local tourist information points, accommodation providers and catering facilities, etc. The visit to Rostock was also an opportunity for the project management group to meet, the first months of the project’s activities were summarized, and the action plans for 2018 were discussed.

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