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Long-term strategy of route development, visualisation and promotion


As part of Action 3.8 of BSB! Project, Project Partner 2 – Office of the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship, in co-operation with other partners, has prepared a publication entitled: Long-term strategy of route development, visualisation and promotion. The document includes basic information on the entire EV10 route, together with descriptions of the most notable tourist attractions. It also enumerates planned investments and promotional activities, at the same time being a guide for future co-operation between institutions and business partners in terms of development, promotion, and commercialisation of the route.

The project partners have agreed that this document be further supplemented with information and conclusions regarding the realisation of the project. During project meetings, it is going to be consulted and updated and its final version will be accepted by all partners in 2019, at the end of the BSB! project.

The publication in its current version is available for download here

We encourage any party interested in the topic to contact us for consultations. We are open to suggestions from other entities that operate in the area of the EV10 route, are interested in development co-operation, and at the same time are ready to co-operate in the years following the project’s completion. Please e-mail any comments to l.magrian@prot.gda.pl or call+48 58 732 70 42

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