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Route Inspectors Training in Seville


During the last week of April in the Spanish city of Seville a training for Eurovelo route inspectors was conducted, ending with an examination. Representatives of partners of Biking South Baltic! Project also participated. During two days of theory and practice, participants familiarised themselves with rules of standardisation and evaluation of particular parts of cycling routes that aspire to receiving the Eurovelo certificate. Thorough documentation and field work using a special application, participants were able to gain first-hand experience of evaluation and certification criteria for particular parts of the routes. The training was concluded with a theoretical and practical examination, which required from participants the knowledge of verification of particular criteria that constituted the overall evaluation of particular parts of a given route. A field survey, conducted every 1 km with a special application, allowed for practical verification of the knowledge and skills of participants.

We would like to inform that representatives of 5 partners of BSB! project: Pomorskie Voivodeship, Pomorskie Tourist Board, Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Tourism Board, and Danish Cycling Tourism passed the examination, thus receiving the title of route inspector, which allows to certify selected parts of the routes all across Europe. Knowledge and skills gained during training will be utilised in further parts of the project, which will include an audit of EV10 route, as well as gathering information required for creating a data base.

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